15002 - Sodium Bicarbonate Ultra Coarse Soda

15002 - Sodium Bicarbonate Ultra Coarse Soda


Soda blasting equipment uses the soda as abrasive and is most cost effective way to remove the stains and dirt from the objects without damaging their original shape.

Sodium Bicarbonate is most commonly used for removing paint from thin or precious materials like alloy, aluminium etc.

The sodium bicarbonate used for industrial soda blasting is a larger granule than the type that is in your kitchen. Soda Bi Carbonate explodes on surface impact and turns into powder. Because baking soda is softer than other sand blasting abrasives.




Soda blasting is environmentally friendly. Sandblasting with soda is completely harmless and highly effective in removing paint to prepare the surface for painting.

Soda blasting Blast Media Use:

  • Sandblast Cabinets
  • Pressure Pots
  • Suction Guns
  • Glass Beads Removal of Rust/Paint
  • Grade; Ultra course

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