A17015 - Dual Vacuum & Pressure pump/brake bleeder kit

Multipurpose diagnostic tool with infinite applications. Any pressurised or vacuum system can be tested with this kit. Diagnosis of problems with EGR, carburettor, vacuum switches, brake boosters and air intake control valves are just a few. Unique hand pump, with dual scaled dial gauge, easily switches from vacuum to pressure for even more applications. Suitable for automotive, marine, aircraft or any equipment that requires an air vessel to be checked. Vehicle hydraulic brake bleeding can also be performed as the kit contains many adaptors, hoses and cups and this can be achieved without the need of shop air. This is extremely important when bleeding vehicles with ABS brake systems. Supplied in a secure blow moulded case.
  • Includes reservoirs, hoses, and adaptors for bleeding brake and clutch systems
  • Simple push / pull function on pump for choice of pressure or vacuum testing 
  • Large, easy to read, dual scale dial gauge
  • Can also be used to siphon fluids


  • Packaged dimensions: 340(L)x320(W)x90(H)mm
  • Weight(net): 2kg

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