19017 - 560kg Advanced Workshop Engine Stand


Engine blocks are heavy and cumbersome. Servicing them is a difficult task without the correct equipment. Grip engine stands provide a heavy duty, workable platform on which full servicing of the engine block can be performed. Ideal for the professional automotive practitioner or serious home mechanic alike.


  • Free standing heavy duty steel construction.
  • Adjustable generic mounting arms give complete versatility.
  • 360° rotatable mount, with rubber gripped turning bar, allows full access to all parts of the engine without compromising the balance of the stand.
  • 4 x heavy duty castor wheels (2 × fixed, 2 × swivel) for greater manuverability and stability.
  • Black baked enamel finish for corrosion resistance. 


Working capacity: 560kg

Centre height: 800mm

Rear wheel spread: 810mm

Front leg length: 1000mm

Weight(nett): 28kg.

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