A17050 - Deluxe Mechanical Disc Pad Spreader

A17050 - Deluxe Mechanical Disc Pad Spreader

Depresses single or multiple caliper pistons to allow efficient space for disc pad replacement. Suitable for the professional automotive technician, brake specialist or serious home mechanic.


  • Heavy duty 360° swing ratchet allows access at all angles 
  • Single flick reversing lever to easily change from spreading to retracting
  • Ergonomic rubberized grip handle, fluid resistant 
  • Heavy duty steel pushing pads distribute even pressure, ideal for multiple piston application


  • Minimum spread: 40mm
  • Maximum spread: 72mm
  • Packaged dimensions: 242(L)x70(W)x65(H)mm
  • Weight(net): 800g

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